Today as I looked up at the night sky-

It felt more mine than ever.

As I peered into the familiar starless sky,

My eyes twinkled at my passing thoughts.


The sky above, one that I had segregated from my land below,

Somehow felt one today.

The air was comforting and inspiring.


There was so little that I knew, that I know

that we know-

For most of us have compromised on knowing.


I wish I could stretch my arms and reach out,

but I would not know what I’d be reaching out for.

May be there was nothing to touch, nothing to see or feel,

but something to acknowledge simply.


My mind struggled with pieces from far too many puzzles

Each one configuring the universe differently.

It is said that we are nothing but stardust,

a concept much favoured by writers, physicists and certainly me.


But how could I view the container, that contained me too.

How could I witness the universe shine before my eyes, and be part of it too.

I no longer looked at the sky for answers,

For somehow I felt part of the grand design.


We certainly do belong to this universe,

but a part of the universe belongs with you and me.

And as I awed the sky tonight,

It seemed full of life and dreams,

For may be someone from another world was wishing on me.

By Sonia Agarwal

Inspired by Carl Sagan.