The Exploding Sun

The sun was creasing low-

I stood on the sand sinking too-

Dejected at its choice to steal away the hues from my sky-

And return to a world that seemed easier, command driven and less intimate.


Each hour, I watched the sun dip lower,

Yet I failed to detach myself from it.

I didn’t expect it to stay, but I wish it didn’t decide to leave.


In a stunt moment of honesty it was gone,

Leaving the turf dark, cold and with little light.


It is said that if the sun were to explode, it would take eight minutes for one to know of this explosion on Earth.

I long waited for the dawn, hoping for my skies to find its hues again

May be it revisits my world- out of care, respect or even curtsy.


I waited in the dark,

Stolid and cold, 

A cry, a throb, pounding pain-

I knew that my eight minutes had lapsed. 


-Sonia Agarwal’13