Life in Infinity


I wish I could live the life I am living

& Another couple too.

I wish I could do this, and that and everything

Everything, there was to do.


I would curate all the world of experiences,

And live a hundred lives.


I’d be a scientist with a world left to discover and invent.

I’d be a spy with a ninja life.

I’d be a teacher on a remote farm, spelling off my worth.

I’d write books, poems, papers and policies for my world.

I’d travel to every town, to enjoy what the locals do.


I’d be a runner, who runs for the finish line, to only start again.

I’d be working for Walt Disney & Channel,

I’d be an artist to get inspired by what many had not looked at again.


I’d be an astronaut with no gravity binding me to this world.  

& be a excavator unraveling the mysteries of the past.

I’d be a in the amazon forests, the snow caps,

I’d be a photographer allowed to witness the tiger sleep.

I’d climb to the highest peak, to view this world in a manner only a few have.


I’d be the lady with the flower shop, with taste and wisdom.

I’d be the lady banker, with long legs that knows her walk too well.

and the chef with love for smiles and senses.

I’d be a leader, a person with a job an many more to provide.

I’d start my own company and watch it grow in size,

I’d wonder, just like I do now.


The world of endless possibilities now seem more defined,

Defined with choices and decisions, of which some were mine.

Verdict: I get to only live the life I do

At the opportunity cost of the many lives I wanted to.


 By Sonia Agarwal


Lace Up

I keep seeing it, here and there,

Blurry, I see it everywhere.

Reminding myself to look the other way,

I warn myself to not fall weak-

Even scold myself at times,

Unusually silent- words fail me tonight.


I assure myself of the better,

A free minute is what I most fear.

For it’s hard to smile now, but we got no time to cry

So I lace up my shoes and continue with life.


God, I do have complains, but none that I wish to tell.

I do have tears, but none that I wish to shed.

I do have thoughts, but none that I wish to converse.


Yes sometimes,

“I wish that I could cry,

Fall upon my knees,

Find a way to lie- about something I’d never see”

But every time I do, I remind myself to find the “better part of me”


By Sonia Agarwal

Quote from: Superman by Five for Fighting.


The Last Dance

It was dark, with a stink of lemon in the air.

Even the insects were tired of creaking.

The entire forest seems to be drawn towards the cradle of life

Cautious now, even the owl was silently hooting.


There was a spark,

an alluring haze of light,

Two divine creatures were rising;

From where the sweet grass lay last night.


As they began dancing,

Drawn by the perfect symphony of passion,

Moonlight sliding across their backs.

With wings of blue, gold and lilac.


The little blue butterfly crushed to dust,

While the rest remained cocooned,

Time had lapsed; her last dance had ended,

And a new creature was rising now.



I was graduating high-school, when I had written this poem; little had I known that I had already incepted the most important lesson, life had to offer. Over-dozed on National Geographic Channel, upset that my favorite butterfly only had a life-span of a week; I remember being amazed at how every butterfly still fluttered around so elegantly, making this world a happier place.

This morning as I woke up in bed, it was as though I was replacing the person who had decided to sleep there. I couldn’t go back and undo what had already been done, but there I was with the whole world in front of me. I had the power and the ability to undertake anything I wanted to. I was being given a chance to do things better, to dance like it was my last dance.

-Sonia Agarwal



He feared no insect, no worm, no tiger,

 There was little that got his heart to race.

It was not the roaring lion,

and certainly not the hissing snake;

If anything at all- it was lady jane. 


His chest showed through the animal hide, 

As he swung over gasping heights,

Without pausing to once stare at the rocks below.

He was a man, a man who knew his turf. 


Unleashing our primal need for adrenaline,

We all wish for a sense of adventure,

A moment of excitement.

Just of a moment though

For we are too busy to deal with anything more.


We watch horror movies with a smile, knowing that it all ends well.

We sit on loopy coasters, for they have been tested to be safe.

We fearlessly sign the waiver form; but check how many have signed before.

We wish to be tarzan, but don’t act like one at all.


We want to smile, but are scared of people stealing it from us,

We wish to fly, but are scared that our wings aren’t strong enough.

We wish to live but are scared we wouldn’t live it right.

We wish to love, but are scared we wouldn’t love enough.


But life is to short to think three times

And long enough to strive for our dreams. 

Raw and unprocessed,

I found a Tarzan inside me. 


By Sonia Agarwal




One would still call it new to life,

A little young, a little juvenile, still a little folly at times,

But here it was spinning itself a strand of magic,

With a sheen so pure, so transparent-

It may as well be marked un-witnessed by humans.


So delicate, so soft, so seemingly bleak-

It was beautifully spun- so seamlessly.


No one would think it to be strong.

To withstand so much and more-

But this was to last, gleam and shine;

Like silk that had never been spun before.

As it all coiled up in the perfect eight,

Cocooned, it lay in it in peace.


So, spin yourself a strand of faith,

Spin it with some better silk.

For you may be new to life-  A little young, a little juvenile, still a little folly at times,

But spin yourself a whole new world,

One that is warm, sweet and sensory

For we all need our cocoons in life,

to sleep in it peacefully.


By Sonia Agarwal



The First Act

People say- Life is a play- & we are unrehearsed actors in it.

The thought of “putting on an act” tags along with social acceptance, norms and a dash of negativity; but even the most genuine people, with the truest of hearts, put on an act. An act is nothing but a role we undertake that contributes to the bigger plot. Our mere existence makes us part of the cast; where we play the protagonist in our own ‘play’, and take featured roles in others.

Our dialogues, costumes, actions, presence, absence- all make an impact to how the play is received. In a weak moment of time, we have all wished for those perfectly scripted words, that ultimate wardrobe to match our taste or just control over those obnoxious characters in our life? I have always believed that we script our own lives but it is only today that I realized that we don’t. We don’t script our life-we script our part in our life.

We live in a world where multiple plays are being performed on the same stage. There is limited space, plenty of actors, and inevitable chaos. Lets say as the plots progress, some heroes gets their heroines, some mafia leaders are caught, a poor even wins the lottery; but If we are all busy performing, for whom are we performing? No one? Our fight to seize the bigger role can’t be that wasteful. The people who we share the stage with, are the same people we save a seat for.

I would say, we need to be careful of who we invite to our play but now we need to be careful about whose play we attend. We need to be selective, grateful and sincerely humble.

With great power, comes great responsibility; and with every act, a new play begins.

By Sonia Agarwal


Happily Ever After

What if fairies, magical castles, pixie dust, and that striding white horse, never became a part of your childhood memory? What if none of the princes ever came to rescue the gorgeous princesses? What if Cinderella never left her glass slipper behind? What if no one went looking for Nemo? Would you really be happier? According to Eugene Neil, “[We are so] obsessed by fairytales, [that] we spend our lives searching for a magic door.”

We are all so engraved to look for a ‘Happily Ever After’ in everything we do- or everyone we meet; that in most cases, people fall prey to the idea of love, rather than embracing the true essence of it.  We all want our lives to come with the ultimate ‘happy-ending’ insurance- where we all want our shooting stars wishes to come true, before the curtain hit the stage, and its “The End”.

So, Mirror-mirror on the Wall- “Who is the richest of us all?” Mirror-mirror on the wall “Am I not the prettiest of them all?” Mirror-mirror…It is a pity that, most people bubble-wrap their lives, cling to countless ribbons of expectations and leave no room for new possibilities.

Recently, I revisited my childhood stash of stories.  “The Secret Garden” still seemed inviting to me. “Beauty & the Beast” was as spellbinding as ever. I still cried when Bambi lost his Mother, & smiled on how beautifully Heidi embraced her new life in her white petticoat. Have these harmless tales really tampered with what we expect from life? Why do we walk away from the sour grapes of time?

Are we really that naïve to be blinded by these words of fiction? We fear the dragons and the poisoned apple, but we crave the perfect mistletoe end.  Why do we crave to relive a story when we can spin a little fairytale of our own? Look beyond the magic mirror, find your lion-heart and the simple will to find a happy ending- and you will find yourself to be happy, before and ever after.

By Sonia Agarwal

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