Life in Infinity


I wish I could live the life I am living

& Another couple too.

I wish I could do this, and that and everything

Everything, there was to do.


I would curate all the world of experiences,

And live a hundred lives.


I’d be a scientist with a world left to discover and invent.

I’d be a spy with a ninja life.

I’d be a teacher on a remote farm, spelling off my worth.

I’d write books, poems, papers and policies for my world.

I’d travel to every town, to enjoy what the locals do.


I’d be a runner, who runs for the finish line, to only start again.

I’d be working for Walt Disney & Channel,

I’d be an artist to get inspired by what many had not looked at again.


I’d be an astronaut with no gravity binding me to this world.  

& be a excavator unraveling the mysteries of the past.

I’d be a in the amazon forests, the snow caps,

I’d be a photographer allowed to witness the tiger sleep.

I’d climb to the highest peak, to view this world in a manner only a few have.


I’d be the lady with the flower shop, with taste and wisdom.

I’d be the lady banker, with long legs that knows her walk too well.

and the chef with love for smiles and senses.

I’d be a leader, a person with a job an many more to provide.

I’d start my own company and watch it grow in size,

I’d wonder, just like I do now.


The world of endless possibilities now seem more defined,

Defined with choices and decisions, of which some were mine.

Verdict: I get to only live the life I do

At the opportunity cost of the many lives I wanted to.


 By Sonia Agarwal