All Grown Up

I stood in the middle of my big room,

In my jellyfish pyjamas-

Lost in the shades of grey,

Uncertain of the source of my uneasiness-

with no wise words for myself.


Distancing from my thoughts,

I shut my eyes in surrender.

As I suddenly threw my head back,

I felt the world slide off my mind.


My uninstructed arms stretched out;

As though embracing freedom for the first time.

The rays of the setting sun filtered into the room thru my sheers.

My shut eyes seem to enjoy its presence.

For a moment it had all come to a pause.


Possessed by the simplicity of the moment,

My heels lifted off the floor;

Although alerted-my mind let it go.


I smiled, as I swirled on my toes,

As though acknowledging my childishness.

In complete sync from my head to toe.

I felt so complete and happy;

knowing that a part of me will never grow up.


By Sonia Agarwal