I saw a man hunch over his laptop,

With his eyes fixed on his 13”  screen.

Blinking his dry eyes, scratching his splitting hair,

His fingers scavenging in the empty tin- hoping to find something there.


A phone went ringing;

It could be his morning alarm from the day before. 

He pulled out a blackberry, and soon after his iphone.


Hundreds of unread mails and texts, 

With things on his to-do list, he knew he would never check. 

Calls from dear ones, he wish he hadn’t missed. 

 A new message, a “meeting request”.


 Knowing it was necessary; He wondered, where could he fit this in? 

Striking off sleep, “Lets chat at 9:40pm PST.” he said.

Overwhelmed, a little worn out, 

He had a lot going on right now. 


It was a path he had chosen for himself. 

Self-made, with words of gold; 

With little or no time for anything else;

He clung to the vision in his head. 


I looked at him with concern and awe,

For he was more than what people knew him to be, 

A man of his words, and a boy of a kind,

A little goof ball, a little shy, a little crazy at times.


A phone went ringing, 

But he didn’t move or blink, 

With eyes fixed on his 13″ screen, 

He knew what he was doing. 


Louder now, it was my phone that continued to ping. 

A new message, 

“Requesting a meeting”. 


By Sonia Agarwal





2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christian
    Dec 22, 2012 @ 13:19:53

    This article is a home run, pure and sipmle!


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